Get to know me.

I'm your full-service partner in content creation, design, and strategy. I believe in building long-term relationships with clients, where I want to be a trusted advisor that contributes to your business success and growth. I therefore, implement a customized marketing plan that's geared to convert leads, engage customers, and increase sales.  

Bizoptimised is a professional consultancy that's passionate about making a difference. We strive to assist Startups, Small & Medium businesses to Grow, Scale and Thrive. Working with a network of experienced and professional partners, Bizoptimised aims to bring this expertise to this sector to achieve this objective.  

As Warren Buffet said, "it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."

With this in mind, my reputation is an asset of the business, therefore my top values, are integrity, reliability, providing creative and innovation solutions, to act with empathy and inspire change for customers. That's my promise to you.

Raveen Maharaj, Founder and Consultant at Digital Marketing Agency, Bizoptimised

Meet Raveen

The business is led by Raveen Maharaj, who has over 20 years experience in the Automative and Financial Services Sector, in a range of business units spanning Property Finance, Debtor Finance, Business Banking and Short-term Insurance.

This gave him access to a multitude of businesses across various sectors of the economy, where he applied his experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing to increase sales.

Our Process

Bizoptimised works a little different than most marketing agencies. You don't start by buying a standard plan and then we throw basic content at you.  

I begin with a free initial analysis and consultation to determine where your business is today and where you'd like to be. From there, we'll brainstorm 3-5 potential website and marketing strategies, customized to you and your business needs. These plans include both digital marketing applications, and human applications, as well as the projected KPIs and results.  

I'll then work with you to select which plan will be the most beneficial for your budget, timeline, and goals. Then, it's time to start implementing - while you sit back and relax. 

Let's work together

I'm excited to start brainstorming ideas for your website and marketing campaign. Get a free initial consultation to inspire ideas and learn how the process works.